Energy sells products for the transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as products in the areas of electrical safety, electrical installation and connection technology. Customers operate mainly in the energy and electrical installation market.



Energy focuses on the markets for electricity distribution and electrical installation, as well as on products and solutions in the areas of electrical safety, energy efficiency and connection technology. In addition to trading, a number of companies also manufacture proprietary niche products under their own brands. The companies adapt standard components in close cooperation with customers and suppliers, primarily in the area of electric power transmission. Some of the companies also offer aftermarket services, including training, service and support, which generate both long-term customer relationships and ongoing revenue.

Development 2018/2019

During the year, the business area developed well, maintaining strong and competitive market positions. Although competition was strong, sales increased thanks to continued underlying demand. The business situation for niche products for electricity distribution, the manufacturing industry and products for construction and installation remained stable at a high level.


Energy’s companies hold leading market positions in their individual niches and demand is relatively stable in the energy and electrical installation markets. At the same time, the market finds itself in an interesting phase of development with a need for international investment in infrastructure for power grids, for example. These grid upgrades are being driven by reinvestment, the integration of the electricity markets and renewable energy sources being connected, primarily wind power. Infrastructure development is also expected to drive demand in the transport sector, particularly rail. In the construction and installation sectors, including public construction and professional lighting, the market outlook remains positive.

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