Network for growth

Acquiring companies with market-leading niche positions and developing them over the long term is an important part of our strategy. The acquisitions lead not only to new market positions – they also bring new expertise and strengthen the Group’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Acquisition year 2018/2019







Addtech comprises some 130 independent companies, all of which are generally wholly owned, although with different conditions and needs. This makes active and committed ownership is an important part of the Group’s everyday life. Over the years, we have acquired about 100 technology trading companies run by entrepreneurs and built up a solid process for the Group’s integration and development of these companies. 

Assessing acquisition candidates is an ongoing process. Our philosophy is to take our time – for an acquisition to be successful, those involved must first get to know one another. Well-executed acquisitions build confidence and reduce the risk of misplaced expectations, meaning that, following the acquisition, all of the employees joining the Group can feel secure and committed to their new ownership environment. 

We conduct acquisitions based on several fixed criteria. We assess factors including the company’s capacity to contribute to the Group’s short and long-term profitability, as well as its growth outlook. Although each company is afforded a high degree of independence and usually continues to operate under its existing brand, all of the subsidiaries constitute important blocks that together build the Group, each with its own unique conditions for adding value to the whole. 

In relation to our size, we conduct a relatively large number of small acquisitions. This has, in turn, the advantage of limiting risk and accelerating the integration process. Many who sell to Addtech are attracted by the idea of keeping the company’s indepencence, while liking the idea of being supported by an active, long-term and financially strong owner offering a broader business context – a network for growth. Frequently, they immediately perceive a natural place for themselves within the Group, in one of the business areas’ niched business units.


We are always interested in companies with:

  • Good profitability and growth potential
  • A high knowledge and technology content
  • Well-developed relationships with suppliers
  • A focus on niche markets
  • Focus on relationship-based B2B-sales

Background to our acquisitions

Subsidiaries may conduct minor supplementary acquisitions to strengthen their existing operations within their niches.

Business units can expand and build market and/or product positions within select market segments.

Business areas can add new, supplementary market segments in areas where we perceive conditions allowing is to gain leadership of the market.


Why sell to Addtech

  • Retain relationships
  • Realise values
  • Generational shift
  • Secure the workplace
  • Add expertise and networks

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